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ProWallet mobile app design

A payment solution

ProWallet is the result of the idea of digitalizing and unifying payment processes of the construction industry. The app intends to reduce costs, facilitate processes and help speed them up.


Our team inherited a code, which meant we focused first on understanding the current state of the system and improve it before beginning to add functionalities. Apart from this, we put a detailed focus on the security of the app and integrated it with Dwolla, an online payment system.

Our focus

We started analyzing the current state of the project to deeply understand it and plan the next steps. Improvements were made from new designs, a better user experience, and a quality code with the correct working process. We constantly exchanged feedback with suggestions and ideas to achieve the desired result.

Technologies we used

FlutterFirebaseNode.jsDwollaAlgoliaAmazon Web Services - AWS

The result

ProWallet is an instant payment solution for the construction industry. It unifies the whole sector with a digital system that facilitates payment processes, schedules, and solutions as well as helping speed up these processes.
We made a special focus on security, usability, and building an advanced code in order to make it scalable. Some of the functionalities are the possibility of having a digital wallet to load money, send it, and request it. Users have detailed information about the movements in their wallets as well as notifications to be constantly updated. They also have the possibility to post notes, images, and make detailed searches.


Roboto was the selected typography for the project due to the number of elements that the app presents. It possesses a great range in types within its font family which helped to successfully distinguish text hierarchy.


Blue is the main color since it’s characterized for inspiring security and confidence. In this sense, it is the perfect choice for a payment app. The rest of the color palette contains different shades of gray used to differentiate elements, but still maintaining certain minimalism.

Send & Request Payments

ProWallet allows users to both send payments and request them. This way a user A can send payment to user B, or request one from B. Moreover, with the request, the user can also send a message, a photo, and an invoice. For example, when finishing building a bathroom you can send a photo or a message letting them know it’s done and invoice it.

QR Payments

The app is integrated with a QR code that enables you to quickly and effectively transfer money to another person’s QR code. This feature has completely digitalized construction payments and speeded up a lot of processes. It provides a safe transaction since it reduces possible human errors and it also reduces time in the operation.

The digitalization of the Construction Industry

The client was more than satisfied with the result, the process, and the working team. There is nothing we want more than that. We want each project to be unique and special and for that, we focus on understanding with empathy what each client is looking for and the user’s needs. As a result, ProWallet has been a success and has immensely helped the construction industry.

What our client said

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