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We are at Flutter Forward in Nairobi, Kenya! 25 - 29 January
We are at Flutter Forward in Nairobi, Kenya! 25 - 29 January
Quran Memorization DashboardQuran Memorization Dashboard


Quran memorization dashboard

Quran App design
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A memory aid

The app was born out of the need to digitalize and better organize the process of learning the Quran. It needed to help users to keep a record of the progress they are making in memorizing each chapter, verse, and sign.


Useful, simple & clear

We concentrated on creating a dynamic app that could provide feedback to the user. The app had to be consistent, clear for the users, and have a perfect performance. We focused on state management, payments, and making an engaging and understandable UX/UI design.


The roadmap

We started gathering requirements and making diagrams to fully understand our client’s needs. Our workflow was based on agile methodologies, a consistent software process, and quick communication to create an attractive, easy, fast, and high-quality app.



Technologies we used



The App

Quran - Memorizing Dashboard has facilitated the learning of the Quran through an engaging, dynamic, fast, and easy-to-use application. It allows the user to be aware of the process and the progress they are making through feedback and updates.

Think of the app as a good friend helping you through your Quran memorization journey. It will make the process of tracking your progress as easy and smooth as it can be with a simple yet very appealing interface.



Quran screenshots
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