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Speeding up development with Flutter

Take a look at how Flutter can enhance development speed and reduce costs simultaneously.

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by Eugenia Gallo

3 min read · Aug 30, 2022

There are many factors to consider when choosing the technology you'll use to build your application. The development time is one of them. As a cross-platform framework, Flutter has many key elements that will speed up the launch of an application and even cut its costs. So, what exactly does Flutter do that can speed up software development?

Cross-platform benefits

When developing an application, one must consider the operating system it will run on. We immediately think of Android and iOS when we talk about OSes, don't we? In the past, if you wanted to develop an app for both operating systems, you had to create two separate codebases.

Thankfully, we now have cross-platform in our lives. Creating separate codebases for Android, iOS, web, and so forth is no longer necessary. Developing an app takes less time, but also costs less. Having a single codebase means having a single specialized team, so less money is spent on software resources, which can be directed to other areas of interest. With the whole development team programming in the same language, sending components and libraries is easier, making communication more efficient and easy. Team integration is key.

Why Flutter?

Whenever you consider building an application with cross-platform technology, you'll come across Flutter and React Native. When it comes to accessibility and code reuse, both technologies are very similar, but Flutter offers some specific advantages that are worth considering when time and quality are taken into consideration.

Source: Medium

Flutter advantages

  1. Dart, the programming language used to develop Flutter apps, was created by Google to be direct, easy to use, and is highly flexible.
  2. Flutter works with a single codebase for multiple platforms, helping create better digital solutions.
  3. Flutter’s architecture is more efficient, with frameworks that provide tools that make the programming process easier and, therefore, faster.
  4. The famous hot reload feature: when developing an application, the developers must run constant tests. Usually, this is made with a build of the entire app, which takes time to load. The hot reload feature creates a build of specific selected parts, making it very fast to view.
  5. The dependency handling works better in Flutter, compared to other technologies.

Time is key and Flutter is faster

Why is time reduction so important in app development? Time-to-market can be a decisive factor in determining the success of a product. The necessities we experience today are nothing like the ones we’ll have months from now, so the fundamental idea of an application can disappear in just a few months if one does not act on it as quickly as possible. We must also consider niche markets. Being the first one to enter a market determines the position of the rest of the competitors, so being fast is key to being a strong competitor.

To be successful, apps must be dynamic and easily adaptable to the changing necessities of their users. Making app improvements and updates is much faster in Flutter than in other technologies.

The bottom line

Flutter is the best competitor for native technologies. Using a single codebase equals less development time, resulting in fewer costs. This also reduces time-to-market, which covers the user needs more quickly, increasing the chances of success.

At Somnio Software, we have dedicated our services to this amazing technology that is revolutionizing the software industry. Flutter is here to stay, and it will continue to grow exponentially. Will you join us on this journey?

by Eugenia Gallo

3 min read · Aug 30, 2022

Eugenia is our Marketing Assistant at Somnio. She is passionate about connecting companies with their audience, all while keeping empathy in mind. She also loves cars.

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