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Somnio is 100% specialized in providing Flutter Services for mobile & web applications. We are experts in building world-class solutions for iOS, Android, and Web from the same codebase and therefore, much faster.

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Our team has worked with Flutter since its initial release and has professionalized in this technology. We have helped several industries such as Gastronomy, Finance, Entertainment, Health, Beauty & Cosmetics, Education, and many more.


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CrimeDoor | Flutter Mobile Application
Jaac | Flutter Mobile Application
ProWallet | Flutter Mobile Application
ICUC | Health, Medicine and Education Web
Fórmula | Beauty and Cosmetics Web
Meet Texas | Dating App created with Flutter

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We are a team of passionate and creative engineers, developers, designers, testers, and business analysts that work hand in hand with our clients in order to build the best solutions for their needs and thrive in their business.

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Full Product Development

Our nearshore dedicated team is ready to transform your ideas into high-quality products through a full development cycle.

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Staff Augmentation

Increase your productivity with developers prepared to successfully integrate with your team, processes, and workflow.


Flutter Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development

We build Flutter Mobile Apps for both Android & iOS mobile devices

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We help our clients grow their businesses through technology. From the beginning we become Technical Partners to help and advise our clients throughout the whole process.

Jaac | Flutter app for restaurants developed by Somnio Software


We designed and built a platform for restaurants to improve customer experience with Flutter. We created 2 apps simultaneously, one for the customers of the restaurant and one for its staff members.

Learn more

CrimeDoor | Flutter mobile app developed by Somnio Software


We designed and built this #4 Top Charts App in News App Store. With CrimeDoor you can review thousands of case files and experience crime scenes through Augmented Reality.

Learn more

Why us

We started focusing on Flutter as soon as it was released on stable. Our developers quickly started specializing in this technology, and now with our experience, we have become experts in Flutter Development. Leverage from our experience to help your business grow with Flutter!

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Uruguay: great level of English skills

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"Somnio Software not only gets things done but they do it with an excellent technical level."
CTO | CrimeDoor App

CTO, CrimeDoor

"They were putting the project first in their priority and thinking what was best for it."
Founder | ProWallet App

Founder, ProWallet

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Want to learn more about Flutter?

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit created by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, and high-performance applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.

Released in 2018, Flutter is best known for being a cross-platform framework, for its hot reload feature, for offering its own widgets, for automatizing testing, and providing flexible UI possibilities, among others.

Flutter uses Dart, a language developed and supported by Google, that is easy to learn for developers, similar to other programming languages, and has clear and extensive documentation and a great community. With a single development team, Flutter fastens time-to-market and lowers development costs.

Nowadays, Flutter is the most used cross-platform mobile framework by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021.

Why is Flutter faster to develop?

To use Flutter you don't need to hire Android, iOS, web, desktop, and embedded systems developers, since it uses one codebase for all platforms. You also don't need to maintain different repositories. In addition, it provides a quick compilation that allows the developer to visualize the results of a change in the code in real-time.

Why does Flutter cost half as much as other technologies?

You don’t have to afford both Android and iOS developers to build the same thing twice! This is one of Flutter’s strongest suits: it uses one codebase for all platforms. So, the reason why is faster is almost the same as why it costs less. This is a great advantage that makes the difference.

Why Flutter and not React Native?

If you are planning on creating a fast, high-quality performance and native experience app, Flutter is the best option. For instance, React Native has a lot of problems with dependencies, the app crashes a lot, the environment is not that intuitive and well designed for developers, and the mobile heats a lot when running basic apps. On the opposite, Flutter provides faster performance with a quicker developing time and an excellent experience for the user.

Why Flutter Web?

The main advantage of using Flutter Web is the possibility of having a system on Android and iOS, yes, but also on the Web and from the same source code. Therefore, your business doesn't need to give up the benefit of native features since you can have your platform on the web, in a PWA for example, and leverage from the benefits of mobile as well. This is in addition to Flutter’s main perks such as hiring a single development team for all platforms, the possibility to reuse code, the business logic, and maintenance.

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