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The growth of Flutter Community in Latin America

LATAM's Flutter community is growing at an incredible rate, and we are proud to support its development in Uruguay.

We share our knowledge and experience in our blog | Somnio Software

by Lucía Sánchez León

3 min read · Jun 09, 2022

The Flutter framework has grown into a massive community of millions of devs, professionals, and enthusiasts and has quickly become the top choice for most developers and companies.

In tech, being part of a community is very important as it allows you to engage with people, it provides networking opportunities, collaborations, and innovations with others who share the same interests as you. One of the great benefits of Flutter is the strong community behind it and the support they provide.

We are proud to see this community is also incredibly growing in many countries in Latin America, such as Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Perú, among others, and from Somnio Software we are helping with our grain of sand to enable its growth in Uruguay.

Companies are focusing on Flutter, developers are choosing to learn this technology, clients are choosing Flutter for their projects and the community is growing every day. There are Meetup Groups and Google Developer Groups constantly organizing events to gather this community and exchange knowledge and experiences with Flutter & Dart.

Gianfranco Papa at the Flutter Festival Uruguay
Gianfranco Papa at Flutter Festival Uruguay | CTO of Somnio Software 

Flutter Festival Uruguay was the first hybrid event organized by Flutter Uruguay Meetup. This group, created in September 2021, has already carried away enriching Meetups called Flutter Sessions before the Flutter Festival and is part of Flutter Meetup Network — organized by Google to gather Flutter groups and enthusiasts.

From Somnio Software we have powered and sponsored the Flutter Uruguay group and its events since the beginning. Long story short, in Somnio we are 100% specialized in Flutter since our birth. Our company was created almost at the same time as Flutter, and we have grown together, hand by hand, since then.

As a Flutter Development Company based in Uruguay, we knew we wanted to help grow the Flutter & Dart Community in our country and in LATAM as well. With this objective, we wanted to create more than a Meetup group, but a channel and a series of events where developers could learn from each other's paths and grow together.

Flutter Festival Uruguay at Somnio Software
Flutter Festival Uruguay at Somnio Software

We have met +200 Developers and Flutter professionals through this network in less than a year. We are truly amazed to see how quickly it grows and how many people join and support the community!

Joining a tech community is very important no matter where you are in your developer journey. They help provide valuable learning and mentorship opportunities, receive advice from experts, grow professionally and build relationships among peers.

Make sure to join Meetup groups, Slack channels, Google Developer Groups, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Discord groups, Telegram groups, Flutteristas, and all the others you can find! The Flutter community is huge, and you'll be able to find a place in every platform!

Flutter Festival Uruguay at Somnio Software
Panel Discussion at Flutter Festival Uruguay | Is Flutter the future?

Technology has been an ally in these events because it allowed us to meet Flutterists from many countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, United States, and Germany, among others.

Hybrid events enable building a bigger network with no geographical limitations and expanding the community even further. This way, all of these countries were able to get together at the same time, learn from each other's expertise, and build valuable relationships.

We are ready to continue helping this community grow and reach even more tech enthusiasts and Flutter Fans!

If anyone wants to become a speaker at Flutter Sessions, just fill out this form!

So, do you participate in a tech community? How is your story? We want to know!

You are more than invited to join Flutter Uruguay and grow together in this groundbreaking technology!

by Lucía Sánchez León

3 min read · Jun 09, 2022

Lucía Sánchez Léon is Marketing Manager at Somnio. She designs the communication and marketing strategies. Lucía is a fun and energetic person, she enjoys dancing whenever she can.


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