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Top Financial companies using Flutter

Explore how Flutter is revolutionizing Fintech app development as we spotlight five industry leaders—Google Pay, Nubank, ING, Crédit Agricole, and ProWallet—who have leveraged this dynamic framework for cross-platform solutions.

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by Mauricio Pastorini

6 min read · Sep 06, 2023

The Fintech industry is rapidly evolving, and the demand for cross-platform solutions in app development is on the rise. Companies in the financial sector are seeking innovative ways to deliver their services to a wider audience without compromising on user experience or development efficiency.

In this blog post, we will explore how cross-platform frameworks, specifically Flutter, have revolutionized app development in Fintech. We will specifically focus on five leading financial companies, and how they have embraced Flutter cross-platform development to create cutting-edge applications that cater to the needs of their users.

About Flutter: the top-choice for Fintech Apps

Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications — all from a singular codebase. This means that you can create applications that seamlessly run on diverse platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, macOS, Windows, Linux, and more.

With Flutter's responsive UI approach, user interfaces can be effortlessly adjusted to meet user needs. And not only that, this is also complemented by an extensive widget library, simplifying the process of designing flexible and personalized interfaces tailored to your Fintech app's needs.

When it comes to the world of Fintech apps, Flutter emerges as the top choice. Its versatility and efficiency make it an ideal technology to bring your app development aspirations to life. Learn more about the unique benefits of choosing Flutter for your app development.

Let's talk Fintech

The financial industry has come a long way from its traditional roots, and Fintech has been at the forefront of this transformation. Fintech apps, in particular, have emerged as indispensable tools for personal and commercial financial management. They bring a host of benefits including convenience, accessibility, and financial literacy.

Why are Fintech apps so important?

  • Anytime, Anywhere: Gone are the days when you needed to stand in long queues at your local bank. With Fintech apps, financial transactions can be completed from the comfort of your home or while you're on the go.
  • Real-Time Analytics: You can get real-time updates on their spending, savings, and investments. Some apps offer predictive analytics to help plan for future financial needs.
  • Automation: Set up recurring payments for bills, subscriptions, or investments. Robo-advisors can automatically adjust investment portfolios based on market conditions.
  • Streamlined Processes: Whether it’s transferring money, paying bills, or managing multiple accounts, these apps make the process fast and hassle-free.

Financial companies using Flutter

Now, let's take a look at some companies that have effectively used Flutter to deliver successful cross-platform experiences for their users.

Google (Google Pay)

Google is not a financial company, but one of their most important releases in the latest years, Google Pay, is a serious competitor in the industry.

Google Pay, a widely-used payment platform with over 100 million users, faced the challenge of managing multiple platforms and expanding to new regions. To streamline their development process, they chose to adopt Flutter as their cross-platform framework.

By rewriting their app with Flutter, they unified their engineering efforts, increased development speed, and improved efficiency. Despite the initial challenges of retraining the team and rewriting the app, the results were impressive.

The new Google Pay app built with Flutter is smaller, more efficient, and easier to update. The team estimated saving 60-70% of their engineers' time while delivering a seamless user experience. With Flutter as their foundation, Google Pay is set to scale quickly across iOS and Android, starting with a relaunch in the US and expanding worldwide.


Nubank, the largest Fintech bank in Latin America, turned to Flutter to scale its development process and deliver high-quality products efficiently.

Source: Nubank

The company sets itself apart by providing a credit card that is entirely managed via a mobile app. This app enables users to monitor transactions in real-time, secure their credit card, request a credit limit increase, and reach out to customer support.

By leveraging Flutter, Nubank achieved faster feature launches, reduced build times, and improved UI consistency.

Developers transitioned to full-stack roles, and new engineers onboarded quickly. Flutter became an integral part of Nubank's culture, empowering innovation and streamlining development across the organization.

ING Business

According to Global Finance magazine, ING Business is recognized as the best mobile app for companies in Central & Eastern Europe. The app boasts a modern design, making it visually appealing and user-friendly. It offers a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing users to perform important operations quickly and easily.

Source: ElusiveStudio

ING Business's journey to the current version involved exploring multiple technologies. Despite initial skepticism, they chose Flutter after developing a proof-of-concept, as it offered the best fit for their needs. Native and hybrid approaches were also considered, but writing two native apps was deemed time-consuming, while the hybrid solution lacked the desired native-like performance.

The app provides currency exchange functionality, supporting quick exchanges in 26 currency pairs. Users can stay updated with current exchange rates and conveniently locate nearby ING branches, ATMs, and CDMs.

Security is a top priority, with measures like encrypted internet connections, instant authorization using PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID within the app, and automatic logout after inactivity.

Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole Bank Polska sought to meet evolving customer expectations by developing a new mobile app that would excel in the market. Opting for a fresh approach, they chose to build a brand-new app from scratch with Flutter.

Flutter provided the modern, reactive, and design-focused solution they needed for multi-platform app development. With a team of 250 people, including nearly 30 Flutter developers, working on the project, Crédit Agricole successfully created one of the largest Flutter apps ever developed. The Flutter-based design system allowed for easy updates and ensured consistency.

Source: FintechFutures

After 12 months, they launched the MVP of their new app, enjoying benefits such as easier maintenance, quicker response to changes, streamlined task management, standout animations, and faster feature delivery.


ProWallet is revolutionizing the construction industry with its innovative payment solution, digitizing and streamlining payment processes for improved efficiency and cost reduction. While its focus lies within construction, its mission resonates across the financial industry as it aims to make payments better and more secure.

Now ProWallet, the construction industry's first instant payment solution, will accelerate money mobility with a mobile app that allows (...) to transfer funds between parties instantly.” - Forbes

With Flutter at its core, ProWallet combines stunning design elements, smooth animations, and responsive interfaces. Leveraging Flutter's extensive widget library, the app undergoes rapid development and customization, resulting in a polished and user-friendly interface.

With ProWallet, making payments has never been easier. Users can effortlessly send money, attach messages, photos, and invoices, transforming the way transactions occur in construction. The integration of QR codes ensures swift and error-free money transfers, representing a significant leap forward in construction payments.

Discover more about our work in ProWallet and experience the future of payment solutions in the construction industry.

Summing up

In conclusion, the financial industry is embracing Flutter for cross-platform app development. Companies like Google, Nubank, ING, Crédit Agricole, and ProWallet have successfully leveraged Flutter to enhance user experiences and streamline processes.

Flutter's versatility and native-like performance allows financial companies to deliver innovative and seamless experiences across multiple platforms, reshaping the Fintech landscape.

As the industry evolves, Flutter will continue to play a significant role in transforming app development, empowering financial companies to exceed user expectations and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

by Mauricio Pastorini

6 min read · Sep 06, 2023

Mauricio Pastorini is Somnio’s CEO. He is dedicated to directing and helping in all the areas of the company. Mauri is also a great musician.

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