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The perks of Staff Augmentation Model in IT

Finding the right talent for a project is especially hard in IT. Learn the perks of including an outsourcing strategy for your team to scale your projects.

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by Lucía Sánchez León

4 min read · Jan 25, 2022

The Staff Augmentation model has seen significant growth in recent years due to the flexibility and scalability of teams and businesses. It allows companies to increase their productivity by adding the right skills to integrate their existing team on a per-project basis.

In industries like IT, where projects are constant and high-scale, having a Staff Augmentation model can help you get the work done with the right talent for each project. Moreover, the advantages of this model are not limited to this. In this article, we present some benefits of including staff augmentation in your workforce.

What is Staff Augmentation

As the term suggests, is a form of outsourcing used by companies when they need additional talent to complete projects. It’s a cost-effective approach that leads to quick scalability and helps get work done by finding the exact skills required for each project.

Finding the right person with the precise skills to join your in-house team is an incredibly hard and expensive task, plus it takes a lot of time. Therefore, there are companies that specialize in staff augmentation services and provide additional workers to join your team for a specific goal.

Integrating the Staff Augmentation model will help you boost your team by reinforcing it with experienced talents in an effective way.

Here are some of its benefits:


The possibility to add talent to your existing workforce according to your short or long-term needs will allow you to take up projects of all sizes and never say no to your project’s ramp-up needs.


Allows you to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions and easily join new skills in your team. It’s not a dynamic that is exclusive of any other, it can be used to outsource an entire team, but also a part of it, or even specific tasks.


With this model, costs are reduced from recruiting to capacitation. Besides, it enables the flexibility of hiring certain skills for a specific project that otherwise you would need to include as a permanent position.


It helps your business diversify its services and provide top-notch solutions with an experienced and qualified staff.

Control Management

It allows companies to monitor the progress of their temporary hires because they’ll be working alongside their in-house team.

Objective Perspective

An unbiased outlook from an "outsider's" perspective can be really useful to a company. A pair of fresh eyes can illuminate with suggestions and practices for improvement in productivity and ideas in the workplace.

Why is Staff Augmentation important for IT businesses?

Especially in the IT industry where qualified employees are hard to find, Staff Augmentation firms help by providing direct access to these experts, wherever they are in the world.

Achieving a perfect balance between quality and quantity is always a challenge in companies, especially in IT where you can suddenly need to ramp up your tech capacity quickly to meet unexpected demands or a big project. In these often situations, you need to be able to adapt fast taking into consideration that your priorities and demands can raise or lower and deadlines must be reached either way.

Therefore, instead of striving to bring new-in-house workers to fill the gaps in an expensive and time-consuming process, the staff augmentation model helps scale up and down with ease.

The challenge of finding specific skills in IT

Finding the right talent is even harder when you are seeking specific skills, for instance being an expert in a certain technology, framework, or programming language.

In addition, it's even more effortful due to the rapid advancement of technology. Even though the rapid growth of new technologies is a blessing for the IT industry, it adds at the same time a new difficulty in finding developers specialized in new technologies when they are needed.

For instance, at Somnio Software we are specializing in Flutter Development and are training our Developers in this Framework to be ready to join any project that needs Flutter Expertise. Flutter is a cross-platform framework created by Google that enables developers to program on different platforms from a single codebase. This tech has been disruptive and innovative since its birth, has firmly established its position in the market, and continues to rise at high speed.

However, the main drawback of working with the latest technology is not being able to find experienced agencies and developers in this modern tech. For that reason, at Somnio Software we decided to focus 100% on Flutter, and we are training developers in this framework to be able to provide an experienced team for Flutter projects of all sizes.

Hire a Flutter Developer

Staff Augmentation: A successful model to boost your team

Staff Augmentation acts as a bridge between skilled professionals and the availability of short-term positions. It’s increasingly becoming one of the most sought-after recruiting models nowadays due to its flexibility in the workforce and scalability of the business.

It saves you the hiring hassle, helps you scale up and down your team with ease, gives you more control over quality, direct communication and more transparency between the parts. The first step is deciding whether this model is a right fit for your organization and deciding which strategy will be best for you.

At Somnio Software we believe it's important to understand the goals and culture of the company our developers are joining in order to provide the most advantageous staffing integration. No matter if we are joining for an IT upgrade or for a complex development project, our staff augmentation process is the same.

Our developers are regularly working with different companies on innovative and modern software development projects from startups to leading IT companies in the U.S., so if you are interested in finding out more about our Staff Augmentation services don't hesitate to get in touch!

We make nearshore Staff Augmentation an ideal choice for U.S. companies. Let's talk! Drop us a line at

by Lucía Sánchez León

4 min read · Jan 25, 2022

Lucía Sánchez Léon is Marketing Manager at Somnio. She designs the communication and marketing strategies. Lucía is a fun and energetic person, she enjoys dancing whenever she can.


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