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Somnio's evolution & 2021's high points

The year is coming to an end and we started to reminisce about our journey & highlights of 2021!

We share our knowledge and experience in our blog | Somnio Software

by Mauricio Pastorini, Lucía Sánchez León

7 min read · Dec 29, 2021

When we take the time to look back and observe how much we've grown, we are immensely glad of all that we have accomplished.

We thought the end of the year was a good time to remember our history and everything we went through to get to where we are now. The speed of our growth and all the things we could achieve never ceases to amaze us.

From Somnio's team, we wanted to share with you a little recap of how our story has been till today and where we want to go from here.

The beginning

Somnio Software was born with the purpose of helping and facilitating people's lives through the use of technology. Since the start, we were focused on doing things well, applying the right process, using the technologies of the future, and helping grow the Tech Community.

The team first started with three friends and college classmates, who had shared classes and also worked on various projects together, that decided to create a place that followed their values ​​and ideals. They started in the garage of the house of one of them and started growing from there.

Since the early stages, it was clear that Somnio wanted to do things differently. Somnio was always directed into the path of being a place where people liked to work, had a good time, could grow personally and professionally, complemented their talents, had team synergy, and could see the result of their effort in successful digital products.

We have always put a special focus on the professional growth of each team member, and thus, of the whole team. Every day, we are dedicated to creating a comfortable space to work integrated by talented professionals that collaboratively work to create outstanding digital experiences.

Somnio Software Team
The team starting to grow

The name Somnio

The word Somnio originally comes from the Latin word somnium that means "a dream". Thus, the name "Somnio Software" was created to transmit our purpose of transforming our client's ideas and dreams into software. We wanted for it to create the motivation of dreaming of creating and doing something great.

Somnio was born and with it, it's Somniers - people that dream. Our team feels identified with this meaning because we are constantly trying to innovate and think outside the box to create avant-garde experiences and products.

The Somniers

The team has grown at an incredibly fast speed and we are very proud of all the Somniers that have joined the squad and have made our growth possible. Somnio is its people and without any of them, it wouldn't be Somnio.

One of our prime focuses was finding Somniers for the team. We dedicated a big amount of time matching talents so that they were compatible and had the same frequency as the rest of the team.

In these years, the team has expanded in new areas and countries. We now have different areas that work with synergy to complement their talent and tasks:

  • Development & QA
  • Design & UX/UI
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Business Development
  • Management & Accounting

The team has broadened and we now have Somniers in many countries and different nationalities, such as Uruguay, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, among others. Our team's culture has been enriched by meeting new people with different stories and experiences.

The culture

We are committed to the growth and professional development of each member of the group and therefore of the entire team. We seek to be a benchmark of comfort, from a comfortable space to work to a healthy and safe environment to express ourselves and develop. We believe that a job created from the union of a team with different contributions and knowledge will allow us to go further.

In Somnio, we are open and promote learning from others to benefit from their experience as well as our own so that we can inherit their wisdom, knowledge, and experience. In this sense, we are constantly being advised by professionals in different areas of the company to learn from their experience and recommendations to make correct decisions.

We take aim at building a horizontal structure where everyone on the team can suggest ideas, create proposals and think like owners. At the same time, we want to create a mentality in the team where making mistakes is allowed and not penalized in order to learn and grow together. For us, team synergy is the way to scale.

Somnio Software Culture
Somnio's culture

The Identity

In 2020 we defined our identity, our company's personality, values, and analyzed what was the best way to transmit it. The whole team participated in order to communicate Somnio in a real and authentic way that everyone on the team feel identified with. Each one had a say in what were its main characteristics, values, in which logo they thought represented Somnio better, among other things.

We redesigned our brand design with its logo and graphic identity in order to transmit our brand message of being a passionate, modern, creative, innovative & reliable company. We focused on reflecting our proactive and fresh personality as well as showing that we are a trusting and safe team to work with.

When the time came to choose the color palette: blue & violet were our chosen ones. Blue: professionalism, productivity, fidelity, trust, safety. Violet: creativity, magic, wisdom. With these colors as a base, our design team created a graphic identity that could transmit expertise, innovation & trust.

Also, to reflect Somnio as real as possible, we decided to create an "avatar" of each member of the team and use them as part of our identity for posts in the blog, social media, the website, among others. This way, everyone has their character in an illustration so when we show Somnio we are always showing its people.

Once the identity was defined it was time to create our Website and Social Media accounts in order to promote our services, share our values, and transmit the team's culture. We are happy to say that our community has significantly grown since then and we continue sharing content that we consider of value about Flutter, Software Development Processes, Agile & Scrum methodologies, UX/UI principles, among other things.

Somnio Software Stickers

Our home

A family must have a home and that was a big moment of this year for us. In the beginning, our offices were located at LATU - Technological Laboratory of Uruguay. Our roots and first stories of our journey started in those offices and we have very fond memories of that time.

Somnio Team at the LATU in Uruguay
At LATU - Technological Laboratory of Uruguay

But, the team and projects started fast-growing and we wanted to find a place of our own where you could live and breathe the Somnio culture. In 2021 we started the search for our new home and we came across a beautiful house with enormous potential of transforming into the Somnio Headquarters.

The whole team gathered its ideas and put a lot of effort into remodeling the place so that it had the Somnio vibe. The team can now enjoy different spaces such as several offices to work, a music room, a focus room to concentrate or chill, an outdoor garden with barbeque, entertainment places with a pool table, a ping pong table, video games, board games, among other things!

Somnio Software House

We focused on creating different spaces for the team to work but also share time together, play, learn, get inspired, relax, connect with the Somnio culture, and mainly have a good time.

Take a look at a sneak peek of the planning, creation, and welcoming of the house:

The growth

We have immensely grown hand by hand with the team and the level of projects we've worked with. It's been a wonderful experience witnessing Somnio transform into what it is today in less than 3 years! We are happy and proud to say that we are ending 2021 with:

Somnio Software End of the Year Party 2021
End of the Year Party 2021!

Continuing on

We are extremely grateful for everything we have achieved and look forward to continuing to grow. Somnio is focusing on being a reference in Flutter technology by creating powerful and faster apps with this tech but also by creating a Flutter Community among developers to share knowledge and experiences.

We are centered on creating apps that make a difference in the lives of its users and helping the app's business grow through the power of technology.

Somnio has helped dozens of companies with technical advice, guiding them through the digital trends that can boost their business, and building and scaling software products that have helped them generate new sales, increase customer retention, reduce operational costs, meet new sales quota, among other things.

This team seeks to continue growing and joining new Somniers to the family. From a garage to an incubator, from an incubator to our own home, Somnio's team grows united, strong, and at full speed. Together with these talented professionals, there are no limits!

Bring it on 2022! This team is ready for new adventures!

by Mauricio Pastorini, Lucía Sánchez León

7 min read · Dec 29, 2021

Mauricio Pastorini is Somnio’s CEO. He is dedicated to directing and helping in all the areas of the company. Mauri is also a great musician.

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