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The best Apps built with Flutter

Discover the success of top applications made with Flutter: BMW, Hamilton, Google Pay, Nubank, and CrimeDoor!

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by Mauricio Pastorini

4 min read · Oct 31, 2022

Flutter is an app development framework developed by Google that enables developers to collaborate seamlessly on projects of all sizes. Because of their amazing versatility (and ability to scale up without hiccups), Flutter-based apps have been adopted by both up-and-coming SMBs and bonafide industry giants like eBay and Google itself.

Since its inception in December 2018, Flutter has been used to develop and ship over 400,000 apps to millions of devices. These include apps used by some of the world’s leading brands like Toyota, The Alibaba Group, ByteDance, eBay, Abbey Road Studios, Rive, among others.

For example, Google’s proprietary UPI platform Google Pay was rewritten on Flutter for better performance on both Android and iOS platforms. The company further leveraged Flutter to launch a better, more scalable version of Google Pay to help get more businesses and small vendors on board with the service. What are some other sleek everyday apps you can thank Flutter for? Let’s find out!

Flutter for Customer service apps


BMW mobile app built with Flutter
My BMW mobile app built with Flutter

BMW’s mobile apps catering to both BMW and MINI customers were only optimized for iOS environments for the longest time. Over the years, the development team at the company realized that the functional and UI discrepancies between the iOS and Android versions of their apps had grown too much.

Their solution? A Flutter-based cross-platform app that saves them the trouble (and costs) of rewriting their apps several times and delivers on all three of their key priorities – user-friendliness, safety, and reliability. Flutter’s stringent User Access Control (UAC) further allowed the development team to follow a flexible, organizational structure where each group worked on a specific area of the platform.

The result was BMW’s brand new My BMW app, which currently operates seamlessly in 43 countries and national territories across five continents!


Hamilton App

When the digital team at the Tony award-winning sensation Hamilton was looking for a platform to build their fan app, it was clear that Flutter would be the best choice. Flutter’s robust features and excellent UI customization abilities made it perfect for the team to build its digital platform.

Through the app, the team was able to make Hamilton more accessible to millions of fans around the world. Other exclusive features like a selfie filter and a sweepstakes lottery for $10 show tickets helped the team craft a user experience as stellar and memorable as the show itself.

Flutter for Fintech

Google Pay

Given that Flutter was Google’s own in-house, proprietary software, which was later made available as an open-source library, it is natural for Google to use Flutter for a variety of its applications.

Google Pay app built with Flutter
Source: Droid Life

Back in early 2020, the team at Google identified a key opportunity to promote their UPI platform Google Pay. Their mission was to encourage more vendors and small businesses to use the platform to make transactions. This would make it much more accessible for everyday users and help the company garner a wider, more diverse customer base for itself. Google decided to turn to Flutter to make its platform much more scalable and user-friendly.

The result? The success metrics speak for themselves.

Google was able to achieve a 70% reduction in engineering effort and a 35% reduction in lines of code through Flutter.


Woman with a smartphone on her hand, with Nubank's mobile app on the screen
Nubank's mobile app

Nubank is the largest independent digital bank outside of Asia, with over 48 million customers across the globe. Ever since the pandemic, the company grew at an unprecedented pace and needed better development cycles that would help it develop and ship products quicker. The problem? Nubank soon realized that its specialized teams just weren’t scalable enough to do the job.

What they required was a robust, hybrid platform that could help developers make seamless updates and automatically push them onto user devices in a quick time. The company set up a developer task force which concluded that out of all the options available on the market, Flutter offered the best, most scalable solutions. Its best-in-class hot reload and more stable APIs made it stand out against the competition.

CrimeDoor - a Somnio Software case study

As The Ringer puts it, we’re now watching true crime more than ever, and CrimeDoor found an excellent idea that could help them capitalize on this.

CrimeDoor is a comprehensive virtual reality platform where users can look at case files, examine video and picture evidence, and listen to thousands of podcasts to help get insight into some of the most famous true crime cases in modern history.

CrimeDoor top app built with Flutter by Somnio Software
CrimeDoor, one of the Top apps developed in Flutter

When CrimeDoor approached Somnio for a cross-platform mobile app, the challenge was imminent. CrimeDoor focused on integrating Augmented Reality tools onto the platform that could allow users to walk through these crime scenes in real time. VR/AR APIs are notoriously difficult to integrate on mobile platforms and when not done right, can end up using a big chunk of the available processing resource.

Somnio’s expert development team helped CrimeDoor seamlessly integrate their AR and payments interface with Unity without compromising on performance or efficiency. CrimeDoor is just one of the many stories that trained industry professionals have helped build with Flutter. Click here to browse through some of them!

by Mauricio Pastorini

4 min read · Oct 31, 2022

Mauricio Pastorini is Somnio’s CEO. He is dedicated to directing and helping in all the areas of the company. Mauri is also a great musician.


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