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Pronti: A Fashion Success Story

Learn all about Pronti, one of our Fashion success stories that has changed the way users connect with their wardrobe and fashion style.

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by Mikaela Cabella

4 min read · Aug 28, 2023

The Fashiontech industry

In today's digital world, Fashion digitalization has revolutionized the fashion industry by integrating technology and providing convenient services for users. Fashion apps play a crucial role in this transformation, offering users accessible tools for managing their style and wardrobe, and also for buying clothes within a click distance.

Fashiontech apps are important because they provide convenience and accessibility. Users can explore and purchase fashion items anytime, anywhere, without visiting physical stores. These apps save time and effort, streamlining the fashion shopping experience, while promoting fashion literacy and informed decision-making.

As a Top Flutter Development Company, we had the opportunity to work with an incredible fashion project called Pronti. An app focused on helping users find their perfect outfit for any occasion. Want to know all about Pronti's success story? Keep reading!

About Pronti

Pronti is an outfit maker, personal shopper, and smart wardrobe assistant. The app provides users with personalized suggestions on what to wear and what to shop for, based on their existing closet, the specific occasion they are dressing for, and even their mood. Since its beta launch, the app has successfully reached more than 1 million downloads, solidifying its position as a game-changer in the fashion tech industry.

Behind this remarkable application is Mila Banerjee, CEO & Tech Lead of Pronti, the in-house team, and our dedicated developers and product managers who have worked closely with them to bring their vision to life.

One of the key factors contributing to Pronti's success is the strong partnership and collaboration between the Pronti team and us. We strongly believe that the seamless integration of Pronti's features and functionalities is a testament to the exceptional teamwork and communication fostered by both parties.

By working hand-in-hand, we were able to develop an app that not only meets the needs of fashion-conscious users, but also provides a personalized and intuitive experience. As Mila said to us:

"We are a fashion app. We inspire people to look good, and so our app has to look good. And it has to feel beautiful and be responsive to consumers."

Pronti and Somnio: A perfect match

When Pronti came up with this amazing fashion app, they wanted to re-write their existing native Android and iOS app in Flutter. Why? To reduce costs and development time, ensure a unified user experience with a beautiful UI, and simplify the app’s maintenance.

Mila kindly accepted to share the experience with us through a video interview, and talked about this path to deciding to re-write the app in Flutter:

"Originally we had two native apps, but as a small company it was very difficult to keep those in sync, it was a lot of resources to have two different developers on two different platforms. It was just a struggle all the time, and what I wanted to do is to move to a unified codebase, so I did a whole bunch of research into the different languages that were out there, from React to Flutter. And I was most impressed with what Flutter can do, and the user interface."

With this approach, we knew we were the perfect match. Through collaborative planning and work optimization, we re-wrote the app in Flutter incorporating the new designs provided by the Pronti in-house development team and building upon the existing functionalities. Our experience working with the Pronti family was truly rewarding, and we are grateful for the opportunity. Mila recently said to us:

"I really feel that the Somnio team was part of our family. We got to know them really well, the developers through the Product Managers. (...) It felt good, as a family."

And we couldn't agree more!

Mila Banerjee (CEO of Pronti) with Mauricio Pastorini (CEO) & Martín Michelini (COO) in Toronto.

An overview of the app's features & success

Pronti's outfit maker feature analyzes the user's existing wardrobe, taking into account factors such as color palette, style preferences, and occasion requirements. Based on this information, the app generates tailored outfit recommendations, ensuring that users always look their best and feel confident in their attire.

Additionally, Pronti's personal shopper capability takes the shopping experience to a whole new level. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, the app suggests new clothing items and accessories that align with the user's style preferences and the latest fashion trends. This personalized shopping experience saves users time and effort, allowing them to discover new pieces that perfectly complement their existing wardrobe.

One of the reasons Pronti has gained such a massive following is its ability to adapt to the user's current mood. The app's smart wardrobe assistant feature takes into account the user's emotional state and recommends outfits that match their mood, empowering them to express themselves through fashion.

Pronti's success is not only measured by the number of downloads but also by the positive feedback and satisfaction expressed by its users. People from all walks of life, from fashion enthusiasts to busy professionals, have embraced Pronti as an indispensable tool in their daily lives. The app has revolutionized the way users approach fashion and shopping, making it more accessible, personalized, and enjoyable.

Summing up

Pronti is one of our most valuable fashion success stories, capturing the hearts and closets of users worldwide. We are proud and happy to say that Pronti has become a trusted fashion companion for millions, helping them look and feel their best with ease and confidence.

Interested in learning more about this incredible fashion app? Hear all about it from the CEO and Tech Lead, Mila Banerjee in this video interview.

by Mikaela Cabella

4 min read · Aug 28, 2023

Mikaela Cabella is our Content Marketing Specialist at Somnio. She develops and administrates content for digital marketing campaigns. Mikaela is passionate about giving companies their own voice.


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