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Flutter 2023: The ultimate guide to Global Events and Conferences

A helpful updated list of all the 2023 Flutter and Dart events and conferences!

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by Eugenia Gallo

1 min read · Mar 06, 2023

Flutter enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the events that are scheduled for 2023. In this blog post, we will discuss the upcoming Flutter events for 2023 that you should mark on your calendar!




Flutter Forward

25 of January

Nairobi, Kenya & Online

Flutter Forward Extended

February & March

All over the world

Flutter Global Summit '23

7 & 8 of February


Flutter Heroes

24 of February

Turin, Italy & Online

Google I/O

10 of May

California, USA & Online

Flutter Connection

2 of June

Paris, France

FlutterCon 2023

5 - 7 of July

Berlin, Germany

Flutter Community

The Flutter & Dart Community is not only large but also actively creates various meetups and groups to promote collaboration, learning, and support for this technology.

An excellent example is the Flutter Meetup Network, which is organized by Google to connect individuals interested in developing with Flutter. Through this group, high-level Flutter events are organized in various locations worldwide.

Moreover, it would be helpful to explore Google Developer Groups to locate events near your area or online!

The community's supportive nature is one of Flutter's most remarkable features, as it allows individuals to interact with like-minded enthusiasts and experts. Sharing knowledge and experiences with the community is highly encouraged, so join in and let's learn together!

Summing up

Flutter has become a popular choice for mobile application development due to its flexibility, ease of use, and fast development cycle. The upcoming Flutter events for 2023 are an exceptional opportunity for developers, designers, and business leaders to learn about the latest advancements in Flutter, share their experiences, and network with each other.

If you are a Flutter enthusiast, be sure to mark these events on your calendar and join the Flutter community!

by Eugenia Gallo

1 min read · Mar 06, 2023

Eugenia is our Marketing Assistant at Somnio. She is passionate about connecting companies with their audience, all while keeping empathy in mind. She also loves cars.


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