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About us

We are passionate engineers for passionate projects

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We don't just create apps, we create world-class apps to help your business grow. Whether you want to create a product from scratch or you need an addition to your in-house team for a project, we are your trusted partner.

How we work

Agile Engineering

We base our work on an agile approach that involves adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement. Our team focuses their work on the Scrum methodology which helps us achieve higher productivity with flexible responses to changes. It helps us identify and solve problems more quickly and effectively.

Design Thinking

It’s a human-centered way of thinking and working as well as a collection of methods. It promotes a deep interest in anticipating and better understanding the needs of the people you’re creating for. It involves a process of brainstorming and adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing. This helps us observe and develop empathy with the target user in order to define it’s needs and challenges to ideate innovative solutions.

Our values

Passion | One of our main values


We are passionate about technology and it motivates us to keep growing and learning. We are a proactive and energetic team that really enjoys what they do.

Quality | One of our main values


We take each project with great responsibility and commitment in order to achieve the best result. Our dedication, together with our experience and knowledge, delivers excellence.

Trust | One of our main values


Trust is the foundation of everything we do. We believe it’s the formula for strong and long-term relationships as well as successful and scalable projects.

Empathy | One of our main values


We are centered in listening and deeply understanding the necessities of our clients to provide advice and suggestions during the whole work process.

Team Synergy | One of our main values

Team Synergy

We trust that with a collaborative team we can achieve better results through the combination of knowledge, experiences, ideas and complementary talents.

Clear Communication | One of our main values

Clear Communication

We strongly believe that good and transparent communication can achieve a better understanding. That’s why we always maintain a fluent and careful dialogue.

Flutter Experts

Somnio is 100% specialized in providing Flutter Services for mobile & web applications. We are experts in building world-class solutions for iOS, Android, and Web from the same codebase and therefore, much faster.

Our team has worked with Flutter since its initial release and has professionalized in this technology. We have helped several industries such as Healthcare, Fintech, Entertainment, Hospitality & Gastronomy, Education, and many more.

We would love to be your technical partner to help transform and succeed your business!

Meet the team

Mauricio Pastorini

CEO & Co-Founder

Martín Michelini

COO & Co-Founder

Gianfranco Papa

CTO & Co-Founder

Álvaro de Barros

Business Development Manager

Akshar Patel

Software Developer

Florencia Lopez

People & Talent Manager

Hairon Chaviano

Software Developer

Napoleon San Martin

Software Developer

Gonzalo Sosa

Software Developer

Federico Perez

Software Developer

Fabián Bardecio

Software Developer

Esteban Siniscalco

Delivery Manager

Federico Mehues

Software Developer

Romina Medeiros

Administrative Accounting Assistant

Marcos Tort

Software Developer

Joaquin Matteo

Software Developer

Mikaela Cabella

Content Marketing Specialist

Paul Pérez

Software Developer

Mariana Mendez

Office Manager

Mauricio Mordecki

Software Developer

Ana Fernández

Software Developer

Joaquina Peterson

IT Talent Acquisition

Agustina Peliart

IT Talent Acquisition

Andrés Herrera

Project Manager

Micaela Susviela

Software Developer

Federico Lopez

Software Developer

Emilia Astray

Software Developer

Adrián Claverí

Software Developer

Eugenia Gallo

Marketing Assistant

Pablo Dalcin

Accounting Assistant

Agustina Marrero

Software Developer

Carol Glass

Software Developer

Ignacio Lauret

Software Developer

Belen Struyas

Talent Acquisition

Juan Jose Leon Camilo

Software Developer

Renzo Zambroni

Project Manager

Candela Ramos

Sales Development Representative

Gastón Horvat

Project Manager

Josefina Diz

Quality Assurance

Manuel Barrabino

Software Developer

Lucas Girolami

Project Manager

Elian Ortega

Software Developer

Antonia Mescia

Process Assurance & Project Manager

Celeste Aguirre

Quality Assurance

Let’s create successful apps together!