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Jaac mobile app design
Jaac mobile app design

A change in experience

Jaac was the result of an innovative idea to revolutionize the F&B industry. Our client wanted to make a significant change in people’s experience when they eat at a restaurant. They wanted to digitize and simplify such experience. Our team quickly joined that common purpose and started working together to make it happen.

The challenge

Jaac needed two platforms: one for the customer and another for the restaurant’s employees. The greatest challenge was integrating everything together and making it work successfully. We designed the platform architecture to be consistent, scalable, and to effectively run both processes.

Jaac screenshots

The result

Jaac is a platform for restaurants that cares to improve the experience both inside and outside of the restaurant. It includes two apps one for the customers of the restaurant and one for its staff members. The first one seeks to offer a simpler and quicker experience while the second one focuses on the management of the restaurant and better serving clients.

Jaac - Guest App for improved customer experience

Guest App

Jaac - Restaurant App for better staff management

Restaurant App

Jaac for guests

The app aims to simplify and digitalize the experience when eating at a restaurant. The guest has the possibility to read the menu, change the language, choose plates, add specifications, choose payment methods, ask for assistance, and many more options.

Jaac for restaurants

The perfect app for the backstage of the restaurant. It allows the staff to have an excellent management of the restaurant, tables, and orders. What’s more, the app provides a large stack of customization levels that is up to each restaurant’s choice.

Some of its main functionalities:

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Your digital waiter

Jaac’s e-waiter solves misunderstandings in orders, long waits for service, it has the answer to all of your questions with an AI bot and allows you to understand the menu no matter where you are by shifting it to your preferred language. Moreover, the staff has a better and updated organization with their teammates and their guests.

Jaac - Your digital waiter


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