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Surgery cases platform

ICUC is a medical research group with a focus on medical education. They provide a learning platform with a database that includes surgical and trauma cases for both surgeons and medical students. The platform allows access to more than 450 cases that guide surgeons through every step of the surgical procedure. Their mission is to help surgeons review and learn treatments from the world’s leading surgeons and contribute to the progress of medicine.path


Digitalization of learning

The objective was to transform ICUC’s iPad app into a modern Web Application with the addition of new key features, such as a search functionality for cases, and a redesign of the app to make it intuitive to navigate through and with high usability for surgeons to make the most of it.

One of the biggest challenges that the project had was the integration of ICUC’s existing features and systems in order to access the information of the cases and adding key features. Another important challenge was working together with a design studio with the aim of creating a good user experience and an intuitive understanding of the app. We also paid special attention to the integration of the 3D images which were a core part of the application.path

3D medical images for every surgical procedure registered

Doctors performing surgery and recording it for the website - ICUC


Experts’ feedback
led the way

We worked with agile methodologies to adapt to what they needed through continuous feedback. We did usability tests with several doctors to see what their experience with the website was like, what worked, and which parts needed adjustments.path

we used



The Product

ICUC is an educational, easy-to-use, and very engaging website that has made a difference by digitalizing, simplifying, and unifying the information of the surgical procedures. The app’s core is a series of surgical procedure cases from world-leading centers. It provides access to cases with information, images, the step by step of the surgery, and 3D images.

The web’s mission is to help doctors review and learn treatments from the world’s leading surgeons. It seeks to contribute to the progress of medicine in the digitalization of learning and also because of the transparency of data and general access to knowledge and procedures.path

User experience design
450 cases
Cases recorded by surgeons from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Uruguay.


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