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CrimeDoor mobile app design

Crime database

CrimeDoor was born from the idea of creating a criminal case register platform for the most notorious unsolved mysteries. Our client wanted to provide the whole experience of investigating the case through its recreation with Augmented Reality and other formats.

Inside the crime

The user has the possibility to open a door into the crime and experience it at its fullest through various formats including a complete recreation of the crime. From our side, that was the biggest challenge: the integration with the Augmented Reality functionality.

We focused on creating a very well-prepared code so that the feature could be effectively integrated. We successfully tackled every technological and management challenge and achieved the desired experience and result.

Our approach

From the technical side, Flutter + Firebase was the best combination to go fast to market with a powerful and quality app. It helped us achieve excellent integration, behavior, and communication with the incorporation of other technologies and features. We focused on creating an exemplary, maintainable, and scalable code ready for future app improvements.

Technologies we used


Features and integrations

The app has many types of integrations and functionalities such as integration with payment methods and subscriptions, integration with maps, integration with Google, Facebook, and Apple’s sign-in, integration with Algolia to search the profiles, and integration of the Augmented Reality with Unity. It includes other complex features such as the possibility of listening to podcasts in the background while navigating the app or even when it’s blocked and a dynamic home page that loads everything from the database.

Opening the door

CrimeDoor enables the user the possibility to learn about a collection of unsolved cases, mysterious deaths, missing persons, celebrity murders, and more. It offers various formats to experience and investigate the crime as actual detectives such as podcasts, videos, articles, police reports, recreated crime scenes through augmented reality, and so much more. True-crime fans have found their place.

The cases

Crimedoor was fully developed on Flutter.

Case Profile

The application contains a large database of unsolved crimes and mysteries. Each one is detailed in its corresponding profile.

Activate AR crimedoor

Augmented Reality allows users to fully immerse themselves in the crime, feel like they are in the scene, and observe in detail.

Crime summary

Every profile provides the full case story at the beginning so the user is well informed and ready to dive deeper.

#4 on App Store

Augmented Reality

+500 case files

50k+ hours of video

Exclusive forensic

5k hours of podcast

Help solve the case

The app not only shows and evidences real crime cases but encourages people to help solve them and bring justice. The content provided has been vetted by both police officers and FBI agents as a way for everyday citizens to aid in solving open cases. CrimeDoor doesn’t only give users a chilling perspective into the crime scene world but it also brings important mysteries to light so that they are investigated and don’t go unnoticed.


More cases

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